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01. Air
Oh god, he needs to hold her like he needs to breathe.

02. Apples
Maxie’s lip are bright and red and how can he not look at them and wish for a taste?

03. Beginning
“I don’t think I’m your type.” he’d told her, and now she realizes how very wrong he was.

04. Bugs
Maxie’s a glitch in his system, a bug, a virus that’s taking his code and mixing it all up.

05. Coffee
It’s one of those times she shows up at Kelly’s before he does, there’s a cup of coffee just the way he likes it sitting in his spot and all he can think is this is love when she rolls her eyes and tells him to sit down already.

06. Dark
Maxie won’t let him walk her home, so instead he says he’s just heading in the same direction and follows her despite her arguments.

#07. Despair
“Never despair when the Jackal is near!” Spinelli crows, and swoops forward to rescue Maxie from the horrible, evil rain puddle that would no doubt ruin her expensive shoes.

08. Doors
“Next time,” Jason stressed with a surprising amount of blush in his cheeks, pointing firmly at Spinelli, “..put a sock on the door or something.”

09. Drink
“One orange soda...”Spinelli told the waitress and glanced toward the blonde making her way to the bathroom.”..and one diet coke, please.”

10. Duty
“Don’t do this because of some stupid Jackal-bound duty.” Maxie snapped at him. “Do it because you love me.”

“You better not leave me.” She threatened him, nails sharp against his shoulders, “not for anyone on this planet.”

12. End
“In the end,” Spinelli reminds her, placing a comforting kiss on her cheek. “We’ve still got each other.”

13. Fall
“I wouldn’t call it falling.” Spinelli chuckles, Maxie’s head under his chin. “It was more like being thrown off a mountain into an endless abyss of love.”

14. Fire
“Stay away from her.” Spinelli says heatedly, with a fire and fierceness that surprises him almost as much as it surprises Logan.

15. Flexible
Licking her lips, Maxie tossed her head back against the pillows and stared up at Spinelli, dazed. “Yoga, huh?”

16. Flying
“Being Maxie’s boyfriend?” Spinelli repeated, pondering on Mike’s question. “It’s like…being ten thousand feet in the air and suddenly forgetting how to fly.”

17. Food
“Delicious.” Maxie purrs, licking every last bit off of Spinelli’s fingers.

18. Foot
“Shoes.” Maxie breathed, tearing the wrapping paper off of his birthday gift to her, and smiling widely. “The way to a woman’s heart.”

19. Grave
“Take this with you to the grave.” Maxie tells him flatly, and isn’t it just her luck that the day he finally gets the guts to sleep with her, she’s wearing those stupid floral panties instead of something sexy?

20. Green
“Should’ve worn green.” Maxie laughed, pinching his cheek lightly and then making it better with a kiss, and Spinelli suddenly can’t remember what he hated about this holiday.

21. Head
“I don’t know what weird crap goes through that Jackal brain of yours,” Maxie said, tugging at his hair, “But if you even think about skipping our date tonight, you’ll regret it.”

22. Hollow
“I don’t feel that way about you.” Spinelli says, and the words are hollow and brittle and completely not true.

23. Honor
“The Jackal will honor your choice,” Spinelli begrudgingly agrees, looking warily at the cheesy film poster, “But next time I get to choice the movie.”

24. Hope
“The Jackal was not expecting that.” Spinelli said, breathless from her kiss. “But he was definitely hoping for it.”

25. Light
“The world doesn’t revolve around computers.” Maxie rolls her eyes and slides a hand slowly over his chest, quirking an eyebrow. “What’s it going to take for you to see the light?”

26. Lost
”…got..lost.” Spinelli tries to explain their tardiness to Jason, though his mussed clothes and a stain the color of Maxie’s lipstick on his collar suggest otherwise.

27. Metal
“These puny manmade contraptions cannot contain our love.” Spinelli tries to comfort her, and Maxie smiles at him tearfully from the other side of the cell bars.

28. New
“It’s new.” Maxie chirps, twirling around in the latest addition to her closet, a slinky black something that makes Spinelli’s heart thump.

29. Old
“That’s an old one.” Maxie laughs at Spinelli’s pick up line, but slides closer to him anyway.

30. Peace
“Peace.” Spinelli scoffs, picking up the remnants of Maxie’s tantrum from his apartment floor. “Who needs it?”

31. Poison
She looks at him with a pained expression, like there’s poison in her veins, and the worst part is that Spinelli doesn’t even know what he did wrong.

32. Pretty
“You’re more than pretty.” Spinelli corrected, pulling Maxie away from the mirror. “You’re perfect.”

33. Rain
“I’m not crying.” Maxie mutters, and it’s raining too hard to tell if she’s lying, but Spinelli holds her anyway.

34. Regret
“No regrets.” Spinelli warned her as she pulled him close, and she laughed against his lips.

35. Roses
“Um….”Spinelli stared in confusion at the roses and their carefully labeled meanings, shrugging at the florist. “One of each?”

36. Secret
“I’ve got a secret to tell you.” Maxie sings, placing his hand on her stomach.

37. Snakes
“She sheds her skin.” Spinelli murmured as Maxie’s dress slid to the floor, wincing at her indignant shriek of are you calling me a snake?

38. Snow
“My feet are freezing.” Maxie complains for the hundredth time, and instead of once again pointing out her poor shoe choice, Spinelli turns and sweeps her into his arms.

39. Solid
“Solid as a brick house!” Spinelli announced, flexing his muscles, and he quickly flinched away from Maxie’s annoyed punch.

40. Spring
Maxie’s swamped with work for the new spring line-up and she can’t even remember the last time she had time to talk to him, but everyday a fresh flower is waiting for her on her desk.

41. Stable
“We’re in a warm, loving, stable relationship.” Maxie told Robin, before laughing out a yeah, right.

42. Strange
“We’re strange together.” Spinelli observed one day at lunch, grinning warmly at the fashionable young lady across from him. “But good, too.”

43. Summer
“Let’s get married in the summer.” Maxie suggests one day, and for months all Spinelli can see when he closes his eyes is her hair in the sunshine.

44. Taboo
The storage room’s walls are cluttered and cool under his hands and it all seems very wrong to be doing this, but Maxie is squirming and demanding beneath him and all he can say is yes maxie.

45. Ugly
“You’re not ugly.” She snaps at him with a large amount of ferocity, surprising him out of his self-pity. “You’re just…Spinelli.”

46. War
“All’s fair.” Spinelli taunted, holding her new designer handbag hostage and demanding a kiss.

47. Water
Maxie plucked an ice cube out of her mostly empty glass and when she slid it over Spinelli’s lips all he could think was thank god for hot weather.

48. Welcome
“Y-You are always welcome in the Jackal’s abode..” Spinelli stutters one evening, even though Maxie’s things already clutter his new apartment more than his own.

49. Winter
Winter is hard, just hard, but when he gets the chance to warm Maxie’s flushed cheeks with kisses it gets a lot easier.

50. Wood
“Knock on wood!” Spinelli hissed, alarmed by Maxie’s offhand comments about old, boring couples.
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