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Like The Stars
Crossover #1
In Which Spixie is Crossed With…..Heroes.
(Don’t watch Heroes? Here’s all you need to know to understand—people in Heroes are just ordinary people, with extraordinary capabilities. The man with the horn rimmed works for a company that “tags-and-bags” special people, so to speak.)

Unbetaed, please point out any mistakes so I can fix them!

Fandom: General Hospital
Pairing: Spinelli/Maxie

She almost dies.

No really, she almost dies. The heart in her chest is not built for that kind of shock and surprise and it thumps so hard she’s sure it’s going to beat out of her chest. But it doesn’t and she, in a typical, frightened Maxie fashion , pretends it didn’t happen.

And she’s not going to tell anyone. No, of course not, because normal people don’t just suddenly find themselves unable to look in the mirror. More specifically, to look in the mirror and see themselves. Even if only for a few minutes. Obviously it was something wrong with her, probably her head, like maybe she was exhausted. She certainly wasn’t going to let people know about her lapse in sanity. And that was fine, really.

Until it happened again.

The scene was this: Maxie-sitting at her desk in Kate’s. Lulu-late again. (ha, Maxie knew she couldn’t keep that goodie-goodie charade up for long) Kate-working, working, and, oh, working some more.

“Send another invoice to Mr. Christophe and drop this package off at the La Petite Boutique across town, they’re offering us free advertisement.” Kate listed off, setting the bulky package on Maxie’s desk. The blonde snatched it up with a tired enthusiasm. Tired, because she was just sooo tired. God, Maxie thought, a little guiltily because she did love her job most of the time, I don’t want to be here. I don’t want to be here.

“Actually,” Kate turned for a second, tapping her finger on her chin, “drop that package off before you do anything else. And—“ Kate turned back to Maxie and froze, brow raising,” Well, that was fast.”

Maxie’s lips puckered in confusion, but Kate continued talking, moving her attention to the clipboard in her hand. “A little overeager at times, perhaps, but she’s got spunk, that’s for sure.”

What? Maxie thought, and she opened her mouth to ask Kate what she was talking about, but the door flung opened and Lulu blustered in. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I—“

“What have I told you about excuses, Lulu?”

“Yeah, but…”Lulu dropped her purse on her desk and gestured to Maxie, “Maxie’s not even here either.”

Stupid bitch, Maxie thought, and felt her lips twist angrily. She opened her mouth again, this time for a snappy retort, but Kate cut her off. “No, Lulu, Maxie showed up on time and she’s already out running errands.”

Maxie would have liked to watch Lulu squirm further under Kate’s icy gaze, but she was just too confused to enjoy it properly. She stood up slowly, package tucked up against her chest. Kate turned sharply and walked right past Maxie, barely missing slamming into her. In fact, if Maxie hadn’t leapt back at the last minute, they would have collided. Oh no, Maxie’s mind raced, oh no no no no no no. What’s going on? She scurried over to the other blonde and stuck her hands in front of her face. Lulu continued to scan the paper on her desk with a bored expression. She didn’t glare or spit out an insult or smack Maxie’s hand away. Nothing. Maxie could see her eyes moving from word to word.

Her fingers clutched the box painfully tight, her expensive nails threatening to cut into the cardboard. Kate was saying something, but Maxie couldn’t hear. Couldn’t listen. Not when that thing was happening again. It’s not real, I’m dreaming, it’s not real, Maxie chanted to herself, even as she stumbled over to one of the mirrors on the walls.

The vase of flowers, the fur puffs on Kate’s outfit, the grand windows with a view of the backyard. And nothing, nobody, in the place Maxie knew damn well that she was standing. Oh my god. Maxie cautiously peeked a look at the other ladies in the room, both of who were fully involved with their paperwork. Slowly, she reached out and pushed the vase of flowers off the table.

“Woah!” Lulu exclaimed, jumping out of her seat. Kate pressed hand to her chest and frowned deeply.

“Lulu, didn’t you put those flowers out?” Kate asked, voice relaying exactly what she thought of Lulu at the moment.

The Spencer girl hesitated. “Well, I…..”

“What in the world possessed you to put it on the edge of the table? Surely even you are smarter than that?” Kate said, but she obviously didn’t think so. Lulu blushed an angry red.

Maxie stared at the broken vase, the ruined flowers, and found that she couldn’t even muster up the happiness to smirk at Lulu’s troubles. Something was seriously wrong.

When Spinelli opened the door to the penthouse after being woken from his afternoon nap by an incessant pounding, he was not quite in the alert state of mind to immediately understand what was going on when he suddenly found himself with an armful of Maxie Nonetheless, he let her clutch him and smoothed his hands gently down her back.

“Maxie?” he asked tentatively. She wasn’t crying, but he could feel the distinct tremors in her form.”What’s the matter?”

“Oh Spinelli!” Maxie practically wailed, muffled into his hoodie. ”There’s something wrong with me.” She sounded so lost, so alarmed, so afraid.

Spinelli’s heart rose and plummeted in his chest. “What-What’s wrong?” Pulling away, Spinelli could see that her eyes were in fact damp and shiny, and her lower lip quivered. She was visibly hesitant about what to say. Spinelli rushed to assure her, “Maximista, the Jackal swears that he will do whatever is in his power to help you if you will only confide in him.”

“Spinelli, I now, it’s just…,”she rubbed at her eyes, “I don’t think there’s anything you can do.”

Spinelli bit his lip, “Are-Is the Maximista…ill?”

Maxie’s lip quivered harder and Spinelli could feel a dark, cold fear gripping him. “Do you need to go to the hospital? Quick, the Jackal will escort—“

Maxie cut him off with a wave of her hand and a sad, slow shaking of her head. “No Spinelli,” she said ,sounding tired and really just so, so resigned that Spinelli would have given anything to see his tiny blonde friend smile. “I think I’m just a freak.”

Spinelli couldn’t stop the chuckle that forced its way out of his throat. “Oh Maximista—with all due respect to whatever is causing you to grieve so, the Jackal finds that statement quite hard to digest.”

“That I’m a freak?” Maxie asked, sounding a little bitter.

“Yes Maximista—you are amazing and talented and clever and beautiful in a way that’s completely different from anyone I’ve ever laid eyes on,” Spinelli explained,” But you-you’re not a freak.” He was rewarded with a small smile, but it was watery and halfhearted.

“Aw Spinelli, you’re so sweet.” Maxie sniffed. “But you just don’t understand…”

“Perhaps if you explained, the Jackal could offer better comfort.” Spinelli could see her jaw clenching and her eyebrows furrowing cutely as she contemplated the decision.

“Alright Spin,” she said, a little shaky, “but you have to promise that no…no matter what, you’ll still be my friend, okay?”

“Of course.” Spinelli blurted out automatically. “Nothing in the world could tarnish my friendship with the lovely Maximista.”

“Right.” Maxie breathed deeply and smiled at him again, but she didn’t look half as relieved as he would have liked. “Okay then-just turn around.”

“Turn around?” he repeated, not following.

“Yes, I don’t think I can do it if you’re watching.” She made a gesture for him to move, impatiently, so he did. Spinelli stood in silence for a few minutes, the sound of his own breathing filling his ears. When he finally couldn’t stand it, he opened his mouth.

Maxie cut him off, “Oh—Okay, Spinelli, I think it worked.”
He immediately turned, face full of questions, “Maxie—“

He stopped short and took an unsure step back, looking around, “Maximista? Where did you go?” he called out. "I’m here, Spin." she sighed, sounding so sad and lost and he really, really would have just pulled her into a hug if he wasn't so confused. "Whe--?" he fell silent. Her little hands were on his cheeks, her trembling fingers cupping his face. "Right here."

“Oh.” Spinelli said thickly, reaching out to touch her. He could feel her, for sure—she was warm and still trembling. He could feel the soft material of her fashionable summer dress, the cool metal of the bracelets on her arms. He settled his hands on her wrists and gazed forward. He thought he could feel her gazing back.
“See?” she whispered, an incorporeal voice. “I’m a freak.”

“You-you’re invisible.” Spinelli managed, and Maxie jerked out of his grasp. “Maxie! No, no!” Spinelli positioned himself at the door, eyes darting around for any sign of the Maximista. If anything, he wasn’t going to let her run away.

“Get out of the way Spinelli.” He heard her, and he strained to tell where she was coming form. “I want to go home.”

Spinelli closed his eyes for a moment, trying to think correctly under this new flood of information. “Maxie, please—please don’t run away if I move. I have something to show you.”

“It’s important.” he added, as he moved slowly away from the door to stand by the television. “Are you watching?”

“Yes," she said, and then a little closer, “I’m right here.”

Spinelli swallowed hard around the lump in his throat, the one that matched the knot in his stomach. “You know how I’m so good with electronics? Well what if I told you that it wasn’t…just because I’m’ smart?”

“What—what do you mean?” Maxie asked cautiously, even closer this time. Spinelli laid his hand flat on the television, fingers spread, and closed his eyes again. He took a deep breath and reached.

The television flicked on. “Call now, only 5.99—Oh Markko, I love you more than—based on the assumption that Superman—come quickly, my dahlings—senate has issued a statement-” the volume dropped, but the screen continued to flick from channel to channel. Finally, Spinelli topped on a fashion show and moved his hand away. “Maxie?” he asked, suddenly fearful. The quiet in the penthouse was suffocating, his blood pounding in his head. Maxie shattered it with a quiet, “Did you do that?”

“With my mind.” He answered quickly, wanting her to know the truth, now more than ever. “I know that wasn’t very impressive, but I can use it on…on any machine. It’s just all these wavelengths and frequency and—I mean, even if I didn’t know things about hacking, I would still be able to….”

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Maxie accused, and then she was just there, right there next to him, glaring and with a worried wrinkle in her forehead. Spinelli reached out to smooth a thumb over it, feeling her relax under his touch.

“I guess I just…didn’t want you to think I was a freak.”

Maxie started to laugh and laugh and then he started also, caught up in the strange, unbelievable reality they suddenly found themselves in—and when Maxie threw her arms around his neck and flickered in and out of sight and kissed him hard, he could still feel the laughter shaking in her chest. Eventually she pulled away, and Spinelli waited until he could see her to give her the biggest smile he could. “Maxie-”

Someone knocked on the door. It jerked them both out of the bubble of privacy they’d created, Maxie jumping in surprise.

“Ah, one moment.” Spinelli told her, regretfully, and reluctantly pulled away. He straightened his shirt and ran a hand through his hair as he made his way to the door. He swung it opened and paused. “Um…greetings..”

The man on the other side smiled thinly. He wore big, horn rimmed glasses—something about them just caught Spinelli’s attention. “Mr. Spinelli? Damian Spinelli?” he asked. When Spinelli nodded slowly, his smile widened.

~~the end
So if Spinelli really was a technopath, and if Maxie really had the power of invisibility---could you imagine the trouble PC would be in? I’d watch that, no doubt.
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