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Look, Summer
Fandom: Gossip Girl

Rolling fog, quiet night, the darkest sky there’s been all summer. Not a star to be seen, and not that he’d see it anyway, with the way he can’t stop looking at her.

Blair’s wearing black, something’s that’s slinky and tight, It fits her curves like a glove, wraps around her waist the way his fingers should.

The way his fingers will, soon, because he’s Chuck Bass.

Summer in the city is proving to be too hot to hold the two of them, and they burn their way through the clubs with flash-fire smiles and smoky laughs.

Chuck hasn’t slept with anyone in weeks, and it’s been longer still since he’s enjoyed it. He can taste her behind his teeth, a sense memory clinging desperately, and the only comfort is the way she sometimes looks at him - it looks a lot like the way he knows he looks at her.

“Let me take you home.” He says, and he means his home, not hers, and the night has been long enough that he can still hope. One sip had become two, her mouth pressed against the cool of her glass over and over, and his gin had become vodka become jack, become anything as she tilted her head back ito look at him.

Long night, long summer, long days that had somehow come to this, to the Summer of Chuck and Blair.

Soon, the sun’ll creep up and this night will be lost like all the others. He can see the frizz coming out in her hair, the fade in her lipstick, the crinkle in the side of her dress where she spent the evening leaning into him – and she still looks good, better than any girl in this city could hope to look – and when the sun comes up, she’ll look so good he’ll have to look away.

Blair laughs – she’s been happy this summer, he’s made sure of it, and it’s made up for the last one – and she says, “I’m not going to sleep with you.” She will, eventually, but not tonight, and he’s okay with that. Summer is far from over, and, hey – sex or not, Chuck Bass is still the guy taking Blair Waldorf home.

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