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01. Walking
Spinelli kissing anyone was not the first thing Sonny wanted to catch sight of when he entered the coffee shop.

02. Waltz
They didn’t get a chance to dance at the last ball, not that they wanted to, but this time Spinelli definitely plans on asking her out on the floor.

03. Wishes
"I wish someone would look at me like that." Sam muses aloud when she sees the way Spinelli's eyes follow Maxie's every move.

04. Wonder
"I'm impressed, Mr. Spinelli." Kate congratulates him while she waits for Sonny, one hand on her hip and the other clutching a purse that probably cost more than his laptop ten times," She's a very fashionable young lady."

05. Worry
“Maxie’s pretty intense, aren’t you worried about Spinelli?” Robin asks Jason, and laughs at the expression on his face that indicated yes, he was.

06. Whimsy
"Oh, come on," Milo throws his hands in the air and stares at the lipstick mark on Spinelli's cheek in disbelief," Do you have some kind of brainwashing trick?"

07. Waste/Wasteland
In the constant darkness of her mind, Jolene occasionally heard Mr. Jackal, and over the months she’d become acquainted with the idea of this woman he confided to her about.

08. Whiskey and rum
When Spinelli comes in and asks for the strong stuff, whiskey and rum, Coleman thinks yeah, right, but then he drains it in one gulp and Coleman knows there must be a girl involved.

09. War
It’s a good thing they’re not working for the bad guys, because Port Charles wouldn’t stand a chance.

10. Weddings
“Is that the Mrs. Jackal?” Morgan asks Jax about the pretty little blonde sitting close to Spinelli.

11. Birthday
Even Frisco can admit it’s bad when you finally come home to celebrate your daughter’s birthday and her new fiancé has no idea who you are.

12. Blessing
“Take care of my daughter or else.” Max grunts, and Spinelli figures that’s all the blessing he’s going to get.

13. Bias
Spinelli knows he's got his work cut out for him if he ever wants Mac's approval, considering he works for Jason Morgan and Maxie's last three loves were cops.

14. Burning
“I’ve got this burning feeling that you’re not telling me something.” Sam remarks dryly when she catches sight of the baggy undershirt beneath Maxie’s blouse.

15. Breathing
Ian shook his head at the chart in his hands, telling Maxie, “He’s lucky to even be breathing.”

16. Breaking
“Were you breaking and entering?” Lucky demands when he catches Spinelli stumbling out of the Scorpio house, but then a ruffled Maxie appears in the doorway behind him.

17. Belief
Daniel narrows his eyes and snarls when Sam McCall, who didn’t have time to sign one freaking autograph, sits and has lunch with those two freaks.

18. Balloon
Dillon stumbled into the wrong storage closet while looking for his mom and things quickly ballooned out of control.

19. Balcony
Jax backed away from the balcony as quietly as he could when he saw the odd couple occupying it.

20. Bane
Leyla sees Dr. Scorpio's cousin and it makes her so angry, because there's no way that wretched little blonde who broke her necklace deserves to be as happy as she looks.

21. Quiet
Jason comes into the penthouse half-past midnight and he almost doesn’t notice them, cuddled close and quiet on the couch.

22. Quirks
Marianna’s people reading skills don’t extend much farther than their coffee of choice, but in the week she’s been working at Kelly’s she’s pretty much come to the conclusion that they belong together.

23. Question
The way Spinelli glared at him, you’d think Johnny had been flirting with Maxie instead of just asking for the time.

24. Quarrel
Jason’s pretty sure he never agreed to let Maxie tag along, but she shows up with Spinelli anyway, and he knows better than to try and reason with a woman like that.

25. Quitting
“Quit it!” Jerry hissed to the two interlopers, watching in satisfaction as the lanky young man pulled the small blonde away. “You keep your noses out of this or else.”

26. Jump
Maxie says jump, Spinelli says how high and flails around like an idiot.

27. Jester
Leo likes Maxie, she’s a cool kid, but that guy who follows her around when she’s volunteering is just plain weird.

28. Jousting
Spinelli thought Mac's subtle threats were creepy, but he really gets freaked out when Bobby pats his shoulder and tells him in a low tone," You better be careful with that heart."

29. Jewel
“Good luck turning him into a fashionable accessory.” Diane chuckles when she breezes past Maxie to get a latte.

30. Just
Cruz just rolls his eyes when he spots Maxie hanging out near that little mobster being held for questioning.

31. Smirk
Spinelli never realized how good Kristina was at re-creating her father’s smirk until she caught him in the midst of a very Maxie filled daydream.

32. Sorrow
Oh, no, Patrick thinks, because it suddenly hits him that if Spinelli and Maxie ever get married, the weirdo is going to act as his kid’s uncle.

33. Stupidity
Diego's self-confidence got the best of him and he was so distracted keeping the cord around Maxie's neck that he never stood a chance against the laptop smashing into his head.

34. Serenade
Mike’s the mastermind behind the ploy, setting up the microphone and stereo, and he clears the café out so Spinelli can give Maxie a show she’ll never forget.

35. Sarcasm
“So what, you’re sleeping with that nerd now?” Logan asks when he wakes up and sees how much time they’re spending together, and he’s being sarcastic, but the look on her face tells him he couldn’t have been more right.

36. Sordid
It’s not like they’re having some wicked affair, they’re just two kids in love.

37. Soliloquy
Rolling his eyes, the young man swabbed down the counter, wondering what he’d ever done to deserve having to constantly listen to that weird kid’s mutterings about jackals and dangerous blondes.

38. Sojourn
It hurts Felicia that she can't make her daughter smile anymore, but that young man certainly seems to be doing a good job of it.

39. Share
Spinelli’s got this problem with sharing a little too much, and now Jason knows way more about Maxie than he’d ever care to.

40. Solitary
“I’m not going to be alone.” Maxie assures Robin, “ Spinelli’s going to be there.”

41. Nowhere
Nadine’s gotten used to calling her friend and ending up chatting with Maxie while he rants in the background, but it still makes her giggle every time.

42. Neutral
“I don’t even know what to say.” Lucas tells his cousin when he meets her new boyfriend, confused as to how they even happened and not sure he really wanted to know.

43. Nuance
Sam couldn’t miss the change in the way her blonde friend said Spinelli, because instead of her previous annoyance she sounded almost…affectionate.

44. Near
“That’s nowhere near right.” Claudia scoffs when she saw that freak of Morgan’s leaning close to an attractive blonde.

45. Natural
Nobody had expected it, but they acted like it was the most natural thing in the world.

46. Horizon
His head’s in the sky and her feet are planted firmly on the earth, so together they make their own horizon.

47. Valiant
“The Jackal’s my valiant knight in shining tech. gear,” Maxie jokes to Sam when asked why.

48. Virtuous
"Oh god." Lulu groaned, covering her ears and turning away from Maxie's naughty grin," Way too much information."

49. Victory
“Well…” his granny starts, and his breath catches while he watches her stalk circles around Maxie. “…I like this one much more than the last.”

50. Defeat
“Your grandmother scares me.” Maxie whispered very, very quietly to him when the elderly women went to fetch some lemonade.


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