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Whoops. I forgot about this. My bad. But here, last one. It’s finished!

Anyway, un-betaed, please point out any mistakes!

1. Ring
It's not like she needs a ring on her finger to be happy, not really, but it'd still be nice if he'd hurry up and ask.

2. Hero
Even though her pulse was racing and her hands were shaking and she had just been this close to dying, she still smiled at him flirtatiously and purred, "My hero."

3. Memory
"We'll always have Port Charles." he said, lamely, and she tried to smile before walking away for good.

4. Box
"What's in the box?" Jason asked, and then, seeing the sudden flair of red and panic on Spinelli's face, decided he really didn't want to know.

5. Run
“You need to get out of here, Maxie.” Jason hissed as soon as the first shots were fired, but Maxie resolutely grasped Spinelli’s arm and made no move to run.

6. Hurricane
So the penthouse is probably not the best place to be during a storm, but Spinelli is there and that makes her feel a thousand times safer than the solid walls of her house.

7. Wings
“Um…these..ummm.” Spinelli cleared his throat several times, a red so fierce on his face that he would have blended right into the tomatoes, and gestured to the rows of hygiene products, “which ones have the wings?”

8. Cold
Maxie brought the sleeves of Spinelli’s hoodie, too long and dangling over her hands, to her face and just breathed.

9. Red
Oh geez, now he can’t even think of that color without seeing her soft curves and giddy smile.

10. Drink
“Two orange sodas.” Maxie chirped to the waitress, and that was the closest she’d come to admitting that she craved them now too.

11. Midnight
So yeah, it’s the middle of the night and he should probably be tucked safely away in his regrettably pink room, but Maxie wanted to see him and ,well, it’s not like he’s going to tell her no.

12. Temptation
The Jackal’s will is strong, Spinelli told himself, the Jackal’s will is---(Maxie twirled happily, hair flowing and dress fitting perfectly)—no match for such a temptress.

13. View
Maxie leaned over the back of the couch to point out something on the laptop screen, and he would have paid attention to what she was saying if he hadn’t been distracted by the view.

14. Music
She laughs and laughs, and it’s such an honest laughter that he can’t think of ever hearing a better sound in his life.

15. Silk
Her skin is smooth like silk, smoother, and it feels just like he always imagined it would beneath his fingertips.

16. Cover
“No Jackal right now.” Maxie insists, breath warm and enticing against Spinelli’s cheek, “Just you.”

17. Promise
“Promise?” she asked, twining their pinkies together, and he sealed it with a kiss.

18. Dream
“I’m not daydreaming.” Spinelli smiled goofily, mind miles away, “ I’m remembering.”

19. Candle
The dinner was burnt and the candle portion of his romantic evening was a pile of wax on the table, but when Spinelli smiled sheepishly at her in his dirty, crumpled suit, Maxie couldn’t remember a better night in her life.

20. Talent
“You’re really…good…at that.” He pants, and Maxie preens at the compliment from her position above him.

21. Silence
It was no big deal when Maxie shouted at him or said mean things, but when she looked at him intensely and didn’t say a word Spinelli knew he’d done something wrong.

22. Journey
“Where do you want to go?” he asked, loving the way she threw her head back against the seat and murmured anywhere.

23. Fire
She smiles against his neck, and Spinelli knows that feeling is going to be seared into him forever.

24. Strength
“Spinelli is a better man than you any day of the week, and he doesn’t need a bunch of stupid muscles to prove it!” Maxie declared heatedly to Logan.

25. Mask
Outside they were Spinelli, that weird kid, and Maxie, that bitch, but when they were alone it was okay to just be regular old Spinelli and Maxie.

26. Ice
Normally, the Jackal’s clear knowledge of germs would have made him flinch when somebody’s fingers dipped into his glass, but when the Maximista’s cool digits pressed an ice cube to his lips, he forgot all that.

27. Fall
“Jump.” Spinelli urged Maxie, arms out and face earnest, “I’ll catch you.”

28. Forgotten
It’s not that she’s forgotten her pain and grief and suffering, but when he’s around it’s just easier to be happy.

29 . Dance
Maxie doesn’t know how to ballroom dance and Spinelli doesn’t know how to just let loose, so they make up a whole new dance for when they’re together.

30. Body
“You only love me for my body.” Maxie jokes, but inside she knows that if any guy in the world really loves her for herself, it’s Spinelli.

31. Sacred
The first time he really realizes how much he trusts the Maximista is when he hands her his laptop, his trusted mechanical companion, and has no worries.

32. Farewells
He can’t say goodbye, he just absolutely can’t, so instead he kisses her while she runs her hands through his hair, and they don’t say anything at all.

33. World
When he puts his hands on her it feels like he’s holding the whole world.

34. Formal
“Oooh.” Maxie smirked, tugging at the tie of Spinelli’s new suit. “I like it.”

35. Fever
“It’s Spring,” Maxie announces, finally pulling him out into the real world,” and we’re young---we’re supposed to do something stupid like fall in love.”

36. Laugh
“It’s not funny.” Spinelli defends himself, but Maxie’s giggles are just happy, not cruel or degrading, so he feels more accomplished than embarrassed.

37. Lies
“We were just talking.” Maxie bats her eyelashes innocently, and Jason might have believed her if her hands weren’t still under Spinelli’s shirt.

38. Forever
“Forever?” Spinelli asked, sounding so surprised and shocked that Maxie had to giggle. “That’s not long enough.”

39. Overwhelmed
Maxie is too loud, too angry, too excited, too over the top—she overwhelms him completely and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

40. Whisper
She whispers things quietly in his ear, the kind of things he never would have thought of himself.

41. Wait
One day Maxie will see just how perfect he is for her, one day—and he’s willing to wait for as long as that takes.

42. Talk
If she talks too much is the only complaint Jason has about Maxie, Spinelli counts it as a total win – everyone talks too much in Stone Cold’s opinion.

43. Search
To be honest, Spinelli didn’t even know he’d been searching for something until he found her.

44. Hope
“I hope you know what you’re doing.” Mac sighed, but he couldn’t deny the adoration on the young hacker’s face when he gazed at Maxie.

45. Eclipse
Spinelli knows that sometimes her self-destruction eclipsed the Maxie he had come to love, but he never wanted to lose the ability to look past that.

46. Gravity
“Sometimes I feel like I’m just going to lose myself.” Maxie admitted, curled on Spinelli’s lap,” but you keep me here.”

47. Highway
The car was broken down, help was hours away, night was falling, and judging by the sly expression on Maxie’s face, she wanted to pass the time in the same manner as him.

48. Unknown
What this feeling was, the exhilaration that thrummed though his body when she was in the vicinity, he didn’t now, but he never wanted it to stop.

49. Lock
“Next time, you should lock the door.” Jax told them grimly, and Maxie knew neither her nor Spinelli would ever be able to look at him with a straight face again.

50. Breathe
"I can't breathe." he sighed, inhaling the deep, familiar scent of her. "Not without you."

on 2008-05-06 10:20 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
I love these! I can so see all of them happening, and I love how there was such a variety. Some were hilarious, some were sad, some were so sweet... much like Spixie scenes. :) I'll miss these, but I can't wait to see your set of crossovers!

on 2008-05-08 01:22 am (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
Aw, thanks! I'm totally glad you enjoyed them.


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