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From the prompt [ profile] megans_writing gave me : I have to say, I’d never even read this pairing (or any of the next gen stuff, honestly) Well, this is how I wrote them – sorry if that’s not right. And please point out any mistakes. I kept reading the hp wiki to see if I got facts right, but who knows…

Fandom:Harry Potter
Pairing:Albus Severus/Scorpius Malfoy

Vanity – that was the pulse of it. The way Scorpius paused at his every reflection, the way he ran his fingers through his own hair, stopping to straighten every gold strand into its rightful place. Albus figured that if you looked in the encyclopedia under vain, you’d see a picture of Scorpius Malfoy.

But it wasn’t uncalled for, not at all, and that’s what irked Albus the most. There was no doubt that Scorpius was the prettiest boy in Hogwarts, with his inherited cheekbones and his big grey eyes, and the plump mouth that most women would die to have. But damn, Albus thought, why couldn’t he have a personality to match?

According to Albus’ mum and papa, Scorpius had inherited that holier-than-thou attitude right along with those good looks. That was what infuriated Albus – well, annoyed him to no end, at least. It was one thing for someone to recognize their own beauty, but it was another for them to acknowledge and flaunt it incessantly.

“Get over yourself.” Albus found himself muttering, lounged out on the common room couch, and having finally gotten fed up with watching Scorpius preen. Didn’t the blonde have anything better to do on a Saturday evening than fawn over himself – Albus cut that thought out. After all, he didn’t exactly have anything better to do with his own time on a Saturday evening than watch Scorpius fawn over himself. What did that say about his social life?

“You’re just jealous.” Scorpius said, and his reflection grinned in Albus’s direction.

“Why would I be jealous?” Albus scoffed, pointedly looking at the fireplace. He very carefully did not ask “what would I be jealous of?” because that surely would set Scorpius into a list, Albus could hear it already in the back of his head, having heard enough variations before. “Why, my face, of course. And don’t forget my hair. Oh and, my perfect arse.”

The body of a prince, Scorpius would say. The body of a prat, Albus would think.

”Oh, I don’t know.” Scorpius replied cheerfully, “Why are you jealous?”

“I’m not!” Albus stressed, and pulled his legs around so he could sit up. “You are so conceited.”

Scorpus still smiled at him in the mirror – and this was another thing that ticked Albus off. It took a harsh insult to make Scorpius mad, otherwise he just took whatever said and twisted it into a compliment, This, Albus’s papa had once said when Albus would inevitably complain about Scorpius to his parents, was what set the Malfoy boy apart from his lineage, who had been prone to tantrums and fits.

“I’m not conceited, I’m just aware of myself.” Scorpius said, and there he went again, running his fingers through his hair. “And with good reason, don’t you think?”

“No.” Albus crossed his arms in a sulk. Scorpius turned from his perch on a pillowed stool facing the mirror and looked right at Albus. He had a way of pouting his lips with this sly curl. He widened his eyes – thankfully, 7 years was plenty long enough for Albus to build up immunity to the look, or at least something close.

“No?” Scorpius questioned, and Albus cursed himself at the now playful tone. “You don’t… think I’m beautiful? Gorgeous?” he stressed and Albs turned away with a flush.

“Shut up.”

“Because…” Scorpius continued with a laugh, “That’s not what you were whispering in my ear last night.”

Oh good grief, Albus thought. It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t always control his mouth when they were in the middle of - well, you know.

A hand on his knee startled Albus, and when his head jerked up he was staring head on at a pair of amused grey eyes. “Were you lying, Al?

Al’s hand found a defined cheekbone, his thumb a resting spot near a plump lip.

Grudgingly, Albus sighed and made an admission. “There’s nothing wrong with the way you look.”

Scorpius settled forward, his knees on either side of Albus. Even like this, sitting in Al’s lap, he still sat like a prince. He put his hand over Al’s, to keep it in place. He must have moved it, too, because when he spoke Albus could feel the brush of his lips on his fingers.

“I thought you loved the way I look?” Now, this close, his pout was tenfold, a warm motion against Al’s finger pads.

Busted, Albus thought wryly. He couldn’t stop the indulgent smile on his own face.

“Okay.” He groaned, settling a hand on Scorpius’s hip. The other hand, he pulled over and pressed a kiss to the palm. “I love the way you look. It’s the way you act that I can’t stand.”

“Liar!” Scorpius said cheekily. “You love the way I act. You love all of me.”

“Mmmm.” Albus pretended to think about it.

“You do!” Scorpius exclaimed, pulling back to cross his arms stubbornly. “Tell me!”

Albus sighed again,”Scorpius.”

“No!” the blond snapped, looking away.

When Albus tried to pull Scorpius closer, he got a smack on the wrist.

“Okay, okay – I do.” Albus said in defeat. “Even the way you act- which doesn’t mean I approve.”

The smile Scorpius gave him was big enough that it made Albus say it again, with a kiss.
And later, when they both found better ways to spend a Saturday night, under the charmed curtains of Scorpius’s bed, and Albus said something along the lines of you’re beautiful, so... beautiful – and Scorpius tossed his head back and said I know, Albus decided that yeah, maybe he did love that too.


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