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Title: Appreciate
Fandom: Blades of Glory
Pairing: Chazz Michaels/Jimmy MacElroy
Prompt: Questions.

Summary: Chazz Michael Michaels is so not gay it hurts.

Honestly, being a guy and wanting Jimmy MacElroy didn’t make you gay, right?

Lots of guys wanted Jimmy MacElroy and they weren’t all gay. Liking one guy who was the living equivalent to a perfect quesadilla smothered in the finest hot sauce set next to a case of the world’s best cheap beer, all waiting to be consumed after a hard day on the ice did not equal gayness. Just good taste, right?

It was just being…appreciative. Of his nice hair, great legs, perfect ass. Because Jimmy damn sure didn’t have anything going for him other than being aesthetically pleasing. He definitely didn’t have a voice that pitched adorably when he was annoyed, or an unbelievable innocence that constantly flooded his cheeks pink, or cute front teeth that nibbled teasingly at his plump lower lip. Of course not. And he also did not have a habit of humming softly while he prettied up for the day that was strangely soothing, or a set of fingers that really were made to work the kinks out of his partner’s shoulders. Appreciating his beautiful blue eyes and constantly glossy lips didn’t have anything to do with early morning yawns, small smiles, lashes fluttering tiredly after a long day, the exasperated sigh a certain name…No! It was just an acknowledgement of beauty, that’s all.

Chazz Michael Michaels was a classy guy, perfectly capable of appreciating a nice looking pair of legs when he saw them and that certainly didn’t make him gay. Right?


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