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Title: Chocolate and Strawberry
Character(s)/Pairing: Chazz/Jimmy
Rating: PG
Word Count: (100)
Challenge #2: Practice
Summary and/or Authors Notes (if applicable): Reference to Benchwarmers.

Birds twittered, the wind blew gently, and Jimmy leaned against Chazz like a girl. Chazz took in a mouthful of chocolate ice-cream and let him.

“Thanks for coming, Chazz.” Jimmy said, referring to the Children’s Charity Skate they’d just left. He licked at his own cone. Chazz paused to give the actions an appreciative look, "No problem, princess.”

Yelling caught his attention. He turned and watched the guys practicing baseball nearby. He nudged his partner. “Hey, that guy looks like you…”

Chazz managed to hold back his laughter once he got a nose-full of strawberry ice cream.

Title: Mascara
Character(s)/Pairing: Chazz/Jimmy
Rating: PG
Word Count: (100)
Challenge #2 : Practice.
Summary and/or Authors Notes (if applicable): I totally forgot about this.

Chazz stood in the doorway of their bedroom, appraising the situation.

“I’m practicing.” Jimmy informed him with a “duh” look.

Chazz made his way over and flicked some make-up stained tissues away to sit beside his blonde partner. “Practicing…applying make-up?”

Jimmy nodded, expression solemn even as he dusted on glittered powder. “I was looking at some pictures Hector sent me.“ He pouted, ” My mascara was awful. I usually didn‘t do it myself. ”

Chazz thought about this. Actually thought about it. “I didn’t notice.” He thought just a bit more. “You looked good, anyway.”

Jimmy blushed and smiled at him.


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