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Title: Pleasant
Character(s)/Pairing: Chazz/Jimmy
Fandom: Blades of Glory
Challenge: Fat (3)
Warnings (if applicable): Three interconnecting drabbles. Last one is naughty.

I. He's Not Heavy, He's My Partner

Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy were figure skating.

This fact was assured by the posters, fans, and every conceivable kind of collectable adoring them. And, of course, there were also plenty of those anti-Michaels and MacElroy people.

A petite brunette turned her nose to the air,” That guy is so fat, it’s a wonder he doesn’t break the ice.” Her friend guffawed loudly, earning the attention of several onlookers.

Jimmy stomped over to them,” Hey! He’s not fat!”

Both girls turned to him, eyes wide.

“He’s…” Jimmy grasped for something to say in his partner’s defense,” …he’s pleasantly plump!”

II. Something to Talk About
“I’m pleasantly plump?” Chazz asked, smirking.

The blonde flushed, fiddling with his laces,” You heard me say that?”

“Everyone heard you say it.” Chazz clarified. He propped himself against the wall. “You surprise me, princess. I had no idea you were like that. ”

“Like what?” Jimmy asked.

“Oh, you know,” Chazz drew out, waving a hand flippantly,” in love with the extra Chazz.”

Jimmy squeaked, bright red spreading across his cheeks.

“No really.” Chazz caressed himself, much to Jimmy’s horror,” you don’t have much yourself, so it’s understandable that you like to feel a little cushion when I’m pushin’.”

III. All I Wanna Do is Get With You.

They were crowded together, Jimmy balanced on Chazz’s lap.

“I…Chazz!” Jimmy panted, digging his nails on one hand into his partner’s shoulder. The other scrambled for purchase across the brunette’s chest, scratching at the light flab covering muscle.

“Tell. Me.” Chazz enforced each word with a thrust, tightening his grip on Jimmy’s pale, slim hips. “How. Much. You. Like. It.”

Jimmy groaned loudly , throwing his head back and barely missing a concussion. “I like it.” He wailed, stuck between trying to form proper words and trying to just breathe. His free hand clawed at Chazz’s stomach. “I love it.”


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