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Title: Misstep
Character(s)/Pairing: Chazz and Jimmy, Chazz/Jimmy
Fandom: Blades of Glory
Challenge: Guilt (5)
Summary : Jimmy gets an owwie thanks to Chazz and everyone’s favorite sex addict is feeling a down about it. Bonus: Chazz and Jimmy in the case of the missing underwear.

Genuine feeling

“Teamwork,” Coach began, still red from the rant about how Chazz’s latest improv could have seriously hurt Jimmy,” is like a flower.” And Chazz stopped listening.

Honestly, how could he have known that Jimmy was going to be there? Or known moving in that particular direction would knock him down? It wasn’t like Jimmy’s ankle had gotten broken. Just sprained.

Coach was giving him a firm “you should be ashamed, young man” look.

An accident is an accident is an accident, that’s what Chazz said. No point sticking to the past.


Alright, so he was feeling a bit guilty.

Utilizing free time

If being injured bothered Jimmy, he was good at not showing it. When he got back from the clinic with Jesse, Chazz and Coach had prepared themselves for tears and whining.

But the usually energetic blonde didn’t seem to mind the doctor’s two week order of keeping weight off his ankle. Actually, he appeared to be having a good time.

Jesse moved his knitting needles slowly, making sure Jimmy could see every movement,” You just go like this…”

Jimmy repeated the action smoothly, finishing his first loop fluidly.

“You’ve done this before!” Jesse said accusingly.

“Guilty as charged!” Jimmy laughed.

Injury and indiscretion

“Two weeks off your feet,” Coach announced at breakfast, looking pointedly at Jimmy, “means you’ll have to miss the annual Children Hospitals’ benefit skate.”

Jimmy’s good mood crumbled. He loved the annual CH skate. “But! But Coach! I-”

“No buts,” Coach interrupted firmly,” we can’t risk you messing that ankle up further. Chazz can skate alone.”

Jimmy’s suddenly watery blue eyes moved to his partner’s face, looking heartbroken. Chazz was reminded, as if he’d ever forgotten, that the injury was his fault. He cleared his throat,” Uh…yeah. I can do it. Y’know, alone.”

Jimmy’s lip wobbled.

Chazz looked away guiltily.

Lonely without you

Coach wasn’t sympathetic with Chazz’s misery.

“Maybe next time you’ll take better care to not injure your partner,” he’d said.

The show was a success. Chazz leered, winked, and waved at the fans. Chazz could skate alone, but that wasn’t the point. Michaels and MacElroy were a team. Michaels wasn’t supposed to be dancing across the ice while MacElroy moped in the audience.

The worst part was that if Chazz was lonely, he could guilt no one but himself.

Camera flashes lit the stadium and Chazz grinned. Behind all the ruckus, Jimmy chewed a mouthful of skittles with a pout.

Telling you

Chazz lay down, grouching, “It’s no fun if we both spend all day on the couch.”

“Well it’s not like I could just leave!”

And Chazz’s pride wouldn’t let him leave either. All day it’d been “I wish I could do this” and “I want to do that”. Jimmy went on as if he had no idea that the guilt was devouring Chazz.

“I can’t wait!” the blonde sighed, “To be on the ice again…”

Chazz snapped,” I’m sorry for spraining your ankle, alright!? So could you just shut up?”

“Wha-Chazz?” Jimmy questioned.

Chazz snored his loudest and fakest snores.

You find forgiveness

Chazz woke up from his nap to a lapful of MacElroy.

“Oof! Dude, watch for Chazz Jr.!”

Jimmy crossed his arms with a huff and glared down at Chazz, “You’re stupid.”

“You’re stupider.” Chazz shot back, rubbing his eyes.

“More stupid.” Jimmy corrected. Then he remembered to be mad and flicked the sleepy brunette on the nose. “It’s not your fault, dufus.”

“No, it’s not.” Chazz agreed. “What are we talking about?”

“My sprained ankle. It was just a mistake. So don’t feel guilty about it, okay?”

Jimmy smiled and Chazz felt good for the first time since the accident.


“Chazz…” Jimmy’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. His cute front teeth nibbled at his lip. He watched his partner with a strange expression.

Chazz took a large swig of his cheap beer and stared at the blonde.

“Are you…” Jimmy started and paused. He glanced around before looking back at Chazz. “Are you wearing my underwear?”

The older skater was still staring at him, and Jimmy rushed to explain,” It’s just — After last night..” a bright blush crossed his face,” and –um- they weren’t where I left them..but yours were still…”

To Chazz’s credit, his pervy smile only looked a little guilty.


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